The best IDEs for me (Personal opinion)

The best IDEs for me (Personal opinion)

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So I received many text messages, emails (actually not many) from my smart audience and lovely friends asking me about which IDE that he/she should use. As I am a very dedicated person, I decided to write this down to educate not only them, but myself.

So let's start from the beginning: So what does IDE means?

Definition: Integrated development environment(IDE) is a software that consolidates the basic tools needed for software testing and writing , is mainly designed to streamline the development process.

To my understanding, Integrated development environment(IDE) are:

  1. A digital environment for developers to create hardwares, softwares and games
  2. An environment that allows developer to write their code, debug their code and compile their code.

So there are three IDEs that I found that are easy to use, easy to edit and easy to collaborate with great developers which are:

  • Visual Studio code
  • Sublime Text
  • PyCharm

1. Visual Studio Code

So the first IDE that I would like to recommend is Visual Studio code! It is developed by Microsoft and it supports Windows, linux and Mac OS.


Currently, the Visual Studio code community has risen dramatically according to the top IDE index.

The Top IDE Index is created by analyzing how often IDEs' download page are searched on Google.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Code is my favourite because there are too many advantages:

  • Extremely light weight!
  • Lots of useful code-editing features packed in a single software.
  • Provides an extension to add additional features like code linting, themes, and other services.
  • It has an integrated terminal. The terminal makes it easy to execute programs, tests, and make git changes which you can run as many times you want!
  • Code extension with Jupyter Notebooks. You can code inside the Jupyter notebooks and it is awesome when you're doing projects in data science , data visualization or some other machine learning / AI projects. You can click here if you want to know more about the extension.

(P.S. My favourite Monokai theme!) 螢幕截圖 2020-12-15 上午1.42.42.png

2. Sublime Text


Another IDE that I would like to recommend is Sublime Text. The advantages of using Sublime Text are :

  • Built-in tools Multiple Selections. Multiple Selections allows users to select one variable and change every instance at once instead of searching every line of code.
  • Allow users to work with multiple languages in a single window and it's really great for developers who work in a multiple language project.
  • The design is 100% minimalist which gives you focus! minimalist.png

And the most import part: no VSCode Stories man!

3. PyCharm


The last IDE that I want to share with you is PyCharm. PyCharm is one of the widely used Python IDE which was created by Jet Brains. It is one of the best IDE for Python. There are couple of advantages of using PyCharm:

  • Support library integration and auto complete.
  • Designed for Python developer to build software applications with concise, clean, and readable code base.
  • Allow integrations with the tools like Pylint, Kite which speed-up the way developers' codes.
  • Includes different powerful integration with IPython Notebook, python console, and scientific stack which makes life much more easier!

Just a small conclude

These are the IDEs I use, and everything above is just personal experience. Finding IDE is like finding a best friend. But thinking about which IDEs are the best remind me the following quote:

A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.

Therefore, I think which IDE is best for you should not only be limited to the function itself, but also which IDE can provide you with more thinking space.

I hope you enjoy the post, and please let me know which IDE you are using and why. Also, if there is any other topics that may interest you, please let me know! Stay tuned!

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