4 ways to stay motivated at work

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I have been talk to many friends, colleagues and family members and tried to figure out how to keep motivated at work. And trying to understand what's behind those who are highly motivated and keep archiving their goals. So I come up with four main ways to stay motivated and seeking challenges actively.

  1. Focus on what matters and what is important: Rather than focus on multiple tasks, focus at one task at a time will be very essential for increasing the chance of success. It is because we are not computers and we cannot multi-tasking all the time. Fully focus on one single task not only help us to increase our efficiency but also increase depth of the understanding of the task. It is very essential we are trying to solve a big problem because if we can break it down to small tasks and tackle every single one of it. It will be much more adaptable and less headache!

  2. The power of positive affirmations: Yes you are right. A lot of self-help book talk about positive affirmations and it is really difficult and a little bit weird when you are trying the first few times. It is difficult for us to tell our mind to tell ourselves "I am great", "I like myself", "I am ready for the next challenge". But neuroscience experts have proved that positive affirmations are very effective to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Also, it motivates yourself, encourage positive changes in your life, or boost your self-esteem which is a very important factor that affect your workflow and your mindset!

  3. Celebrate small wins or mini-achievement: When dealing with big challenges, rather than waiting for the celebration at the end, celebration in small achievement will be very essential to keep yourself motivated. Take a break, make a coffee, enjoy a little walk after every mini progress will be make a significant impact on your work at the end. Every time you take a good break will be essential and it boosts your mood and help you to stay motivated.

  4. Setting up some "good" goals: Setting up some mini achievable goals which is more controllable and realistic when you are trying to set up a goal. You can try to set up SMART framework - specific, measurable, Achievable, realistic and time, will make your goals more accomplish-able ,help yourself to gain more control and easier to follow. It is much easier for you to archive some "good" goals and keep your good mood.

I hope these ways can give you some mini-insight and help you stay motivated! I will try to make more posts about focus, positive neuroscience and mindset! Stay tuned and STAY SAFE!

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